Monday, July 24, 2006


I have 3 main fears; heights, propellers, and underwater (I can't even watch Finding Nemo). The lake combines 2 of these horrors. Matt has begged me for years to let him take our girls on the boat. I've had many a nightmare over it. Well, I finally decided to suck it up and submit. We had a great time. Maggie even tubed.
In other news..........
We got a new neighbor this weekend named Ulysses Grant. Seriously.
The fair begins in 4 days!!!
Sky- that Old Navy sale was awesome!! Thanks so much for telling me about it. It was almost as good as your apple pie.
Who was that last anonymous? If we knew who you were, we WOULD invite you. Posted by Picasa


Greg said...

So I had to comment now when I read about Ulysses. I've had that family insured for about 8-10yrs. Officially he is Ulysses S. Grant IV and yes, he is a direct descendent of U.S. Grant the General and President. I forgot he's just around the corner from you. I heard he does Civil War re-enacts in his front yard though....have fun with that!

rachel said...

We'll look forward to that. Right now we're just concerned about his unrestrained pitbull.

hillenblogshappywife said...

I am also afraid of heights,and since i cannot swim, underwater is also fearsome for me. I did not know that you also have these fears, it makes me feel closer to you somehow. I love the lake tho, and always have a great time.It really is fun for me to watch, even tho i may not participate.

Anonymous said...

Hey it shore is fun lookin' at yore pictures and reading 'bout the prezident not to menchen yore crazy fears... dudn't everone love heights??(JK,JK) Mike climbed the 50 foot walnut tree and shook all the walnuts off when we were datin'!! Why do ya think I married em?? How did propellers get in there???