Saturday, September 02, 2006

I'm an internet nerd

When I was in high school I thought that people who loved the internet were nerds. Dorks. Science club geeks. I had a friend in ninth grade who opened an e-mail account and that fact alone lost her several cool points in my book.
In college I discovered that the internet was useful for school and such. Beyond that I didn't see much need for it.
We were married over 4 years before we bought a computer. I started online banking and fell in love with eBay. For a long time, that was about all I did online.
Well I am confessing today that I am an official internet nerd. I daily check Hillenblog, my checking account, my eBay account, yahoo news, my e-mail,, and I am a blogger, although lately a rather infrequent one. I am an active member of our adoption agency's message boards. I even have a group of blogs not associated with our little community that I check regularly. My favorite is I am a dork and I am addicted. There you have it.

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