Monday, October 09, 2006

Is this shallow enough for you Greg?

What a beautiful weekend. Really, the weather could not of been more perfect.
We drove to St.Louis thursday afternoon. We got to my aunt's house around 8:00 and surprised her because apparently I forgot to let her know that we were coming on thursday instead of friday like we had originally planned. That's what happens when plans are left up to me.
Friday we went to a great pumpkin patch where we played for awhile. We left there and headed for The Galleria. Now shopping is really the main reason why I leave town. Do you remember when a trip to a big city was not complete without a stop at Old Navy? Then it was Abercrombie. Next, Forever 21. Well, now it's H&M and Anthropologie for me. Of course, I can't afford anything at Anthropologie unless it's on sale and their sales weren't that great on Friday. But, H&M was great!
After shopping we ate at a new italian restuarant then headed to Crate & Barrel. We stayed up late that night playing card games with my family.
Saturday we packed a picnic lunch and went to a HUGE apple orchard. After spending the better part of the day picking apples and enjoying the country life, we left to do a little more shopping. We enjoyed a great steak dinner that night at my aunt's house.
I woke up a little bummed on Sunday thinking about how we were missing hearing Pastor Rogers preach. I'll have to get the recording of that.
We packed up the car and went to the Musuem of Transportation. The Talburts had been the previous weekend and had recommended it. It was fun and quite the bargain at only $4.00 per adult admission.
We got home around 7:00 and ate Lenny's subs with Mandy and Erika. Then we went to Mandy's to watch the Office episode we missed while on the road. I don't like that new girl flirting with Jim!
There you have it. A web log of our weekend away.


Anonymous Assclown said...
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LauraD said...

We missed you guys! Pastor Rogers was awesome and so was Cindy's song before he preached. A weekend away is so great though, when you get the chance!

Anonymous said...

I talked to Millie yesterday at church and she informed me that Maggie was not at Miss Sharon's class today that she was in St. Louis. It was really cute.
Glad you guys had a good time.

Imajerkuntilfurthernotice said...

Whoa! Nothing like being called out. I guess I will tread lightly until I figure out the intensity level of my name being on the headline. Anyway, Heb 10:24 baby.

And, Teri and I happen to like the chick flirting with Jim. She's cute and she plays video games.

SkyWriting said...

how can you like her? she's not pam, greg, do you and terry know that? she's THE OTHER WOMAN, so to speak.

BD said...

I'd like to be able to drive to St. Louis...