Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thank you....

I finally have found myself with a few free moments and I would like to publicly thank all of you.
Thank you so much to......
Those who gave financially.
Those that prayed for us.
Those that thought we were doing something crazy but were kind enough not to tell us.
Those who were as excited about welcoming our boy as we were.
Those that planned a fundraiser picnic, huge airport welcome, and baby shower.
Those that took 3 hours and cleaned all the broken limbs from our yard so we
could come home to one less thing to do.
Those that have visited us or called just to check and see how we were adjusting.
Those that took care of our girls while we were in Korea.
Those who helped me pack and plan our trip.
Those who have brought over wonderful meals.

We love you all and we are so thankful you shared this awesome journey with us.


ToyHelen said...

What time can Dana and I come over Tuesday with your meal? I have some presents for the kids too.

rachel said...

You are too sweet! We should be home all day unless I get Ollie into the Dr. for his post flight check-up. Just give us a call!

Anonymous said...

Keeping your girls was sheer pleasure. We love you all, and are so glad you're back home with precious Ollie. Love, Mom H.

Statue Of Liberty-Instant Tax Man on Glenstone said...

What about what I did to help...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. He is so beautiful. We will continue to keep you in our prayers. Cliff and Ginger Holcomb