Saturday, June 02, 2007

What a great weekend....and it's not even over yet!

1. We started out the weekend with a tour of the fish hatchery at the dam. Thank you to Lisa C. for telling us about it!
2. Slumber party in the bunk beds.
3.& 4. Lisa's biscuits and gravy al fresco.
5. Matt apologizing to Ashley.
6. Don't 4 year olds give great makeovers?
7.& 8. Watching the kids tube.
9. Pretty Cindy.
10. Ollie contemplating his first boat ride.
11. Ollie sleeping through his first boat ride.
12. Self-portrait.
13. Cute couple.
14. Ollie wasn't the only one sleeping on the boat.
15.& 16. Happy first anniversary to Bryan and Holly!!!
17. Dinnertime.
18. Believe it or not, this was actually written on our table by a previous customer. Weird.
19. Precious.
20. He'll do anything for the perfect shot.
Thank you so much to the Wisons for such a wonderful weekend at the lake. We love you!

1 comment:

Ansley said...

As usual, we missed out! When are we moving again? (kidding, kidding)