Monday, November 05, 2007

New York

In list form:

Got to our hotel around 7:00
Times Square- wonderful
Maxie's Deli- very authentic
Ferry to and back from Stanton Island- the best scenery we had

Woke up at 6:00
Breakfast at Pershing Square- the only overpriced meal we ate
Gray line bus tour of downtown Manhattan- the best way to see New York, did you know most of lower Manhattan is built on a landfill?
World Trade Center site- more interesting than I thought it would be
Lunch at the Stage Door Deli- reasonable, authentic, and good!
St. Paul's Chapel- I think this is a must see
Central Park
Apple Store
H&M with a kids' section- thank you to Missy for telling me the exact location
Macy's- the highlight being the old wooden escalators
Our hotel room to rest up and change clothes
Dinner at Mesa Grill- wonderful!!
Empire State Building- we miraculously didn't have to wait in line
Off to bed at midnight

breakfast at McDonald's in Times Square- not planned, it's a long story
Gray line bus tour of uptown Manhattan- Our tour guide was great, he told us where the stars lived, where movies and TV shows were shot, and where to get the best deals on food and knock-offs.
The Guggenheim
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Rockefeller Center
lunch at a pizzeria
NBC studio tour- got to see the SNL and Today show sets, they are both way smaller than they look
ABC Carpet and Home- the most beautiful store I've ever been in
Fishs Eddy- I think this was one of my favorite things of the whole trip
Wholesale district- gross
Strawberry- a lot like a gigantic Rue21
back to the hotel to rest a bit
Grand Central Station- unbelievably beautiful
Dinner at a deli on Times Square
Souvenir shopped on the streets
Dessert at a pizzeria
Hershey's store
M&M's store
Had to buy the 5 for $10.00 I heart NY shirts!
Toys R Us- to take pictures of the 4 story tall ferris wheel for the girls
Back to the hotel room for the girls while the guys explored the Chrysler building and the Waldorf Astoria

NYC marathon day
breakfast at Grand Central Station
shuttle to the airport
left for home!

Things we learned
Food is not as expensive as we thought it would be.
New Yorkers are nice, we didn't encounter one rude person the whole trip.
Don't prepay for a shuttle to and from the airport.
Ellis Island closes way early.
For 4 people, a taxi is just as cheap as taking the subway.
That Bryan and Holly are great travel companions/roommates.


LauraD said...

We ate at the McDonalds in Time Square last summer too! They had greeters at the door!

skywriting said...

I'm so jealous! I can barely stand it.

Andrea said...

that maternity store was near the Apple store down a block or two. Looks like you guys had fun! See anyone famous?

Anonymous said...

You guys are troopers to see all of that in such a short time. Don't you just love it?!!! I didn't see Buttercup Bake Shop on your list. You wouldn't believe what you missed. Kendra

Hillenblog said...

Great Blog...Great Trip...Sounds like you had a bunch of fun...We have to go together sometime...

missy said...

you didn't have to give me a shout out, but thanks. haha!

you did a very good job at summing it all up. i feel like i went with you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice summary, I might copy and paste it onto Bryan's blog. You guys were great to travel with too!


Ansley said...

I love your highlights, Rachel! And I saw a pic of your cute little belly at Blogging King!

I love ya!