Thursday, August 07, 2008


Soooo.... JV lake day is on Sunday and I was to shop for all the necessary food and such today. I start to load the kids in the car after lunch so we can make our way to wally world. I had already shut our front door, which locks automatically when it is shut, when I realize I can't find my keys in the diaper bag. The kids and I wait in the front yard for Matt to show up with his house key. Maggie steps in dog poop at this point. Matt (and his parents, and his sister, and his niece) pull up. He lets me in the house and I look around and can't find my keys anywhere. He then remembers where he had left them the night the console of our van. We finally get on our way. I meet Crystal at Wal-Mart and it takes us a good while to fill our carts up with all the stuff that is needed to feed and water 50 middle schoolers for an entire day. Going grocery shopping with a whole bunch of kids in tow is always a good time. Especially when you are buying so much stuff that there is no room left in the cart for them to ride. Fun times. We finally check out and load up our cars. As I am pulling out of the parking lot, Cory calls. "You haven't bought all the food for lake day yet, have you?" Turns out it looks like lake day is probably going to be canceled because of storms so now we get to return all of the groceries. How funny is that!??

On a more positive note....on our way home from the store, we stopped at Ms. Tween's to preview her invitations and Daisy decided she wanted to stay for awhile. When she was returned to me she was wearing a new zutano outfit, playing with a new toy, and sporting her first tooth.

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