Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I might be back...

Skyler told me to start blogging again so here I am. I thought long and hard about what my first post since May should be about. The term blog means a web log. Like a diary for all the world to see. So, here's my diary of today's activities.

5:30am- I am awakened by a text from my friend Julie saying that she delievered a healthy (and hefty) baby girl at 5:15. Welcome to the world Ms. Molly!
5:31- I go back to sleep.
7:30- I am once again awakened. This time by a 3 year old who needs to potty RIGHT NOW! I get him settled with some PBS and go back to sleep, again.
8:00- The girls file downstairs and join their brother on the couch with the exception of Daisy who comes into snuggle.
8:15- Daisy convinces me it's breakfast time so I make oatmeal and we all eat.
9:00- Maggie's friend Elise comes over and the girls start school. I get them started then hop in the shower. I get dressed in jeans, after having worn my black yoga pants for 48 hours. No kidding.

The rest of the day was school, laundry, cleaning, reading, etc. but I'm sure you all are getting tired of hearing the mundane details so I'll cut to the good part.

3:30- I am in line at the post office. It's a long line and there are about 20 of us. An early 20ish man walks in talking way too loudly on his cell. The rest of us are quiet so we can clearly hear everything he's saying. His girlfriend has herpes (she's currently having an outbreak) and he's mad at his extended family for gossiping about how he should get a job. Awesome.
3:45- I walk over Hancock to buy felt. I overhear a mother yelling at her young child in the next aisle. Here's the conversation:

mother: "I said get back here, now! Put that up!"

little girl: "NO!"

mother: "That's it, I'm calling the cops! I mean it. Where's my phone? Get me my phone! I'm dialing, 9....1......1!"

The daughter called her mom's bluff and still refused to put up the item. Apparently mom has used that line before.

And that's that.


mrs.watson said...

i'm glad your back! i hope it's permanent!

Andrea said...

Yay! PLEASE stick around!

lesley kay said...

haha, we used that with my niece kadi. well, kinda. we were coming home from dallas (a long ride for a 4 yr old) and she didn't want to stay buckled. we told her that a police man might pull us over if she didn't. michael downloaded a siren app on his phone and played it.... she had already listened and buckled, but it was still funny because that thing sounds so real.

i look forward to reading your blogs! :)

Hillengrandma said...

I, too, and glad you are back. I have missed your blog.

Ashley said...

SO glad you blogged!!! YEAH!

Meredith said...

I like hearing about your life. keep blogging. I missed you while you were gone:)

Meredith M

Julie Buerke said...

I'm so honored to have made your post! Sorry I woke you up-I was a little excited about sharing my news! :)