Saturday, May 27, 2006

Picnic for Oliver

Our super great friends threw us the best adoption fundraiser ever last night! It was a huge success! We had great weather, a beautiful park, over 80 in attendance, and delicious food. Best of all, Oliver will always know that before we even knew who he was, he was wanted. The donations far exceeded my wildest imaginations. Grand total is still pending but I think that posting it on my blog would be in poor taste anyway. Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who had a hand in putting this shindig together. Jen and Missy worked so very hard. We really appreciate all of it. I truly believe that God has blessed us with the best friends anyone has ever had. Knowing that you all support God's call on our life to adopt really does mean the world to us. We just can't thank you enough!


hillenblogshappywife said...

hey, did you know you are the most popular outgoing link on hillenblog?
Anyway, i wanted to say how sorry i am i was sick last night and could not go. Mark said it was great, and matt said so too at the consessmion trailer today. Love the shirts, what did we do before we found the letters??

SkyWriting said...

before skyler found the letters.

Robbeebob said...

hey! you told me you had a blog, so i thought i would check it out.

i just checked it out.

good stuff.