Wednesday, August 09, 2006

a few things..

So we went over to talk to our new neighbors last night. Lucy welcomed them to the neighborhood by throwing up in their living room. Did I mention that they had new carpet installed yesterday?
Tyson has new chicken breasts called "trimmed and ready". They already have the gross fat cut off of them! This is life changing for me.
I got my first negative feedback on ebay. It was bound to happen sometime.
After much discussion, it looks like the Varsity class reunion might just actually happen.


LauraD said...

Rachel, I love the idea for the Varsity Class Reunion! It's brilliant!
Don't worry about the negative feedback...those of us who know you know the truth!

TangoDelta said...

Sounds like you need to call Al for your neighbor (to clean that carpet...)

Amy said...

Hey was the negative feedback from the .33 cent woman?