Thursday, January 25, 2007

Can I just say I have the BEST friends?

Not only have you guys taken us in when we had sick kids and no power. We get our travel call and I have been absolutely overwhelmed with all the offers of help. Jen and Laura came over today and walked me through the day. I haven't been able to concentrate or settle down since getting "the call" so it has been necessary to surround myself with level headed people. They brought me lunch, cooked our dinner, took me shopping, cleaned my freezer out, swept my floors, did my laundry, and organized the many gifts and gift bags we are required to take with us. I love all you guys! Thank you so much for your support!


Jen Cleaver said...

Anytime Rachel.
I'm almost as excited about all this as you are!!

LauraD said...

I feel like he's our baby too! We'll be praying for safe travel and a healthy baby!