Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St.Pat's Day!

This has been a great weekend. I went to SDC (yes they're open!) yesterday with Lisa C. and Jenny. We had all our kids in tow minus Henry. It was fun but a little cooler than we had anticipated. I was worn out when I got home so we put the kids to bed early. Mandy and Bradley came over and we watched a couple episodes of Grey's. We are halfway done with season 2. Woke up this morning and forgot it was St. Patrick's. None of us wore green. Oh well. Went to Sam's to get a new tire since we ran over a key and punctured ours last week. They were able to fix the tire and they didn't charge us a thing. What a blessing! Went to Randy Bacon's studio and picked up our family pictures. I'm not sure how exactly I'm supposed to choose from the 140 shots. I'll be asking for your opinions. Went to the Delta class crazy bridge party. So much fun! Cindy made these really good Filipino things that looked like spring rolls. I ate so many, I made myself sick. Tonight was the first time I'd left Ollie for longer than an hour. I think it was harder on me than him. We are starting a new Bible study tomorrow in S.S. I'm excited about that. Then lunch at Tom and Laura's. Spaghetti and Tom's famous meatballs. We love meatballs!

And that's that.

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