Friday, March 23, 2007

pictures and stuff

When you go on a trip to a place you've never been before, and you are pretty sure you won't be back for years, you take a whole lot of pictures. When you have a baby and everyone comes to visit, and you want to remember the first few days at home, you take a whole lot of pictures. Well add those two events together and what do you get? Way too many pictures. I went through my Picasa and only choose the shots I absolutely couldn't live without. There are now 596 prints coming from Shutterfly.

My camera was acting a little wacky so we sent it to New England this week. The warranty runs out next month so Matt wanted to get it looked at now. I am surprised at how much I miss it. There are many things happening this week I wanted pictures of: the Derek Webb concert, Roscoe's birthday, meeting a new baby at the hospital, greeting a new baby at the airport, and on it goes.


missy said...

you're going to the concert too? i'm just sick about it.

SkyWriting said...

missy! you'll be in NEW YORK!