Friday, August 17, 2007

Been loving me some garage sales

A few weeks ago, a friend called and told me about a great sale off of National. I hopped in the van, shot right over there and found the perfect matching set of pink and chenille bedspreads for the girls' beds. Quite a steal at $25 since they were in great condition. Then, yesterday, I stopped at a sale of a lady who was shutting her home preschool. I loaded my arms with curriculum and phonics flash cards for $4. Jen and I rose early this morning to be the first ones in line at my parents' church sale. They were selling off all of their old children's furniture and play sets. We filled the back of her dad's truck with $10 bookshelves, $5 coat racks, and even a play refrigerator. Even better than the bargains was the chaotic atmosphere. One man actually put his hand on Jen's back and pushed her through the door when they were first letting us in. Of course, she let him have it. We stopped at a sale on Meadowmere on our way home. That's where I hit the motherload. Now, I rarely buy clothes for my kids at garage sales. They are usually gross and worn out. I normally don't even glance at the clothing racks. This sale was different. I don't think I'll ever stumble upon a sale that has H&M kids' clothes again. All barely worn and a lot still had the tags on. Most of the girls' clothing was in size 5 so that was absolutely perfect. Here's what I got for $36. Bargains make me so happy.

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Linette said...

Too fun! I never find such great things like that at garage sales. Way to go!!!