Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our week of firsts....

Maggie had her first soccer practice, which was great.

All the kids had their first day at co-op yesterday. Maggie is learning Bible, manners, history, science, music, and art. Lucy has lessons in about half of those subjects and Oliver learned how to manipulate his teachers into walking the halls with him. I love it and I still am amazed we got in at the last minute.

Lucy got her first birthday party invitation just addressed to her. She has not let Maggie forget for a minute that she gets to go to the teddy bear place and eat cake without her. We are working on kindness!

We got our first dehumidifier which I'm sure is not blog worthy to most of you but I have been very impressed with it. It takes like a gallon of water out of our basement air a day and the whole place smells better. Definately worth the money.


millsie said...

im so glad Maggie is on my team. she's great. :)

Anonymous said...

that all sounds like fun! And, when we got a dehumidifier we were exceptionally impressed with it as well.


Mis Memorias said...

What is that co-op thing the girls are doing? is it thru Highstreet? Sounds wonderful, I'm looking for some activities for JAke, he's not going to preschool this year, but I want to have him do other things.