Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I love Halloween. I don't like how evil it has become in recent years but I love dressing my kids in their costumes and taking their picture. I love watching them delight in the magical night when candy flows freely. It's so fun. Today, as soon as Ollie wakes up from his nap, we'll put on their costumes and trick or treat at all of the great-grandparents' homes. We always do this a day ahead because I can remember my parents driving me around on Halloween night to my grandparents' houses and I thought it was such a waste of valuable trick or treating time. Tomorrow night, we'll eat french toast for dinner (because that's fun) then trick or treat on our street before heading up to church. It's Oliver's referral anniversary so I'm sure we'll celebrate that at some point during the day, as well. Happy Halloween!!


C O X said...

Halloween is the best. You get to eat candy and watch scary movies all night...who says that Halloween only comes once a year. Happy Halloween!

SkyWriting said...

I'm excited, too. We live in a neighborhood now, and the rumor is that it's insanely busy on Halloween. I've never passed out candy before, so I'm very much looking forward to it. Have fun!

Hillenblog's Wife said...

Rachel, thanks again for dinner! it was great!

Ansley said...

I remember your referral so well- We were both so excited!

Congratulations, again.

I'm glad you had a great Halloween!