Friday, January 25, 2008

and baby makes 6

I get asked ALL the time how I'm able to get ready for this new baby when I don't even know if it's a boy or girl. First of all, let me just say that I'm glad I don't know what this baby is. The suspense is fun, it's incentive to get through labor, and I just want to experience the surprise once. I couldn't of done this with my first, and probably not even with my second, but it's been pretty easy to do it with a fourth. Here's how I'm managing. I'm not into yellow or green as the traditional unisex colors so we are painting the bassinet and changing table (both of which will be in our room) black. I had my doubts about a black bassinet, I thought it might look a little goth, but then I got the new Pottery Barn baby catalog and they are selling a black bassinet so I figure ours will look fine. My mother in law is helping me make sheets for it out of black and white gingham. I searched high and low for fabric that could be used for either gender and I finally found this (pictured above) at Hancock. I made a baby sling out of it and I will probably make a diaper bag in the coming weeks with it. That's all the neutral stuff I'm doing. If it's a girl, well she won't be wearing the same thing twice. I have all of my girls' clothes plus Jen gave me Molly's stuff so we have lots and lots of pretties for her. If it's a boy...well....I realized I only had one gown and one blanket. So every time we go to Target or the mall I'm picking something boyish up and saving the receipts. Target just on Wednesday got in this line of baby stuff. I bought three blankets in boy colors and I can't wait to go back and buy more. And that's that.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely can't wait for this new precious arrival. Your baby bed linens were brown and white gingham with eyelet - we didn't know your sex either, but were hoping for a girl. We got her, and love her dearly. Mom H.

Mis Memorias said...

I love that fabric, my friend is getting black everything, crib, dresser. I think it looks good. You can sew?? I really want to learn.