Saturday, February 09, 2008

I love the 80's

Thanks to C-O-X for throwing such a great 80's party. Pac-man. pizza, Weird Science, 80's Trivial Pursuit, and a rockin playlist. Not to mention the fabulous costumes worn by all except the host and Johnny A. Lots of fun. Who's hosting the next decade theme party?


SammyB said...

wow! that was like the fastest post ever.
Aint no party like a C-O-X party!
-Chester Molester

Hillenblog said...

Nice Tight roll fella's.

Makes me wish I was back in good ole' 1986 rollin round town with Allen, Greg & Joe...listen en to some Def Leopard.

Oh and by the way...who invited Ron Jeremy...and why is Jenny posing with him? (figures...Lotz is sick...she's out & about in that 80's sorta way)

... said...

no babysitter...i am pained that we could not make it...


Julie said...
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