Friday, April 04, 2008

Matt is 30!

Sorry Missy, no old pictures, my scanner went kaput.
Thirty reasons why I love him:
1. You're punny.
2. You can fix anything!
3. You never worry.
4. You read Bible stories to the girls every night.
5. You love the fair more than I do.
6. You are great at discipline.
7. You wanted to adopt.
8. You were cool with a home birth.
9. You don't complain about me spending money.
10. You like the same people I do.
11. You wear cowboy boots.
12. You make yourself eat vegetables and drink water because you know it's good for you.
13. You are so loyal.
14. You drive a mini van even though you don't want to.
15. You put the kids to bed.
16. You remember your widows' birthdays.
17. You have wonderful grandparents.
18. You dress well.
19. You change diapers.
20. You are my voice of reason.
21. You are patient with me.
22. You love Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.
23. You do your homework for Bible Study.
24. You think way faster than I do.
25. You buy great Christmas presents.
26. You let me paint a whole lot of our house pink.
27. You bought this house because I love it, even though you don't.
28. You are a hard worker.
29. You take care of my family.
30. You are the best husband and father in the world!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute to your husband. I have known Matt since he was 4 mos. old, and he has turned out to be a great man. Happy Birthday, Matt.

The Worley's said...

Happy 30th Birthday, Matt!

Love-The Worley's

missy said...


tucker's world said...

happy birthday matt...i hope holly can think of a list half that long.

SammyB said...

Happy B-Day Burch!
Hope it was a great one!

Rachel: Natalie says that she is going to do one of those "30 lists" for me when I turn 30 in 5 years.
I don't think that she can come up with that many.
but...... I do take out the trash every Friday.

Anonymous said...

Precious Rachel. I hope Matt enjoyed the party!


... said...

only 30?...mrs rider just made a list of 841 for me...oh...wait a said love not loathe...nevermind...

great party!

happy 30th matthew


Hillenblog said... forgot fertile...

Anonymous said...

I must say that I love all the pics. great job rachel. but, i really like the one with oliver in his korean outfit. matts perfect sun tan line on his foot is great!! hahaha