Wednesday, July 16, 2008

their first trip down the aisle

The girls were flower girls in Matt's cousin's wedding. I knew Maggie would do great but I was a little worried about Lucy panicking and not being able to walk down. They both did so well and Lucy even saved some petals in her basket for Mandy's wedding.


Andrea said...

I can't believe they've never been flower girls before!!!! It's about time!

Anonymous said...

How cute! Lucy looks like Isabelle in that profile shot!

Anonymous said...

Awe, that is sooo precious! You have some beautiful little girls. It won't be long and Daisy will be joining them.

Meredith Minner Krishnan

Anonymous said...

They look beautiful and I can't wait to see them at Bradley and Mandy's wedding! I'm so thankful Lucy saved some petels!


Aunt Tammie