Friday, June 16, 2006

Birthdays, Blueberries, and Brittany

So yesterday was my dad's big 65th. Festivities included dinner at Rib Crib followed by a trip to my grandma's house. She lives in a bad part of town. I mean a really scary, bad part of town. We try to get out of our van and into the house super quick so as not to bring attention to ourselves. She made a delightful lemon cake for my dad. So delightful in fact that she had already helped herself to 3 pieces.

Turns out my pickin' hands were bigger than my freezer. 3 gallons of blueberries is a whole lot. We have been eating so much of them around here that I'm expecting one of us to swell up like Veruica. We went around and gave some away to neighbors tonight. And we gave some to our gradmas. And some to our friends. We still have more than 2 gallons left. Anyone have any great blueberry recipes?

I watched the Brittany Spears interview last night. I've always liked her and I do think that the media gives her an extra hard time. However, the girl was chewing gum! During a nationally televised interview with Matt Lauer! She had a false eyelash that was falling off and she was spilling out of her dress. A dress that she should of only worn 3 sizes ago. Where are her p.r. people?

Hillenblogs wife- Wonderful blog! You guys certainly are living the American dream.

Hillenjunior- Great clips of the funniest show to ever come across the airwaves. I have a request; can you show "the kiss"? Is that too mushy for a boy? I would like to see it again. And again. And again.
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Anonymous said...

Saw the interview, Rachel. I agree...she does need some help. I did feel sorry for her, though not because she's worth a $100 million and has celebrity (that she wants). (LD)

Anonymous said...

My Grandpa taught me this: Put frozen blueberries in a bowl, barely cover them with milk and sprinkle sugar on top. The milk freezes around the blueberries. It is really good and fun to eat!

Hillenjunior said...


Cindy said...

I could not take my eyes off the eyelash on her right eye that was all out of sorts! It was like watching a train wreck!

When I saw your picture before reading your post I thought to self "Hey, that looks like the lemon cake I make for Bruce's birthday!"

Hillenblog said...

an anonymous recipee...Hm...what to think about this development.

I don't think I like it...what if the recipee is no good...who do we blame?

missy said...

britney:) still a good post though.