Monday, June 19, 2006


My favorite things about summer:
so much daylight!!!
wearing a bathing suit all day
grilling (actually just eating grilled food, I've never grilled anything in my life)
eating outside
suntanned kids
patriotic holidays
lingering outside when we return home talking to our neighbors
spending time with sweet Morgan
fun parties at the "pool houses" (Jeppsens and Demers)
and of course....the fair and Firefall
Now, please tell me what your favorite things about summer are.


Cindy said...

Air conditioning!!!

hayely said...

dirty baseball cleats

LauraD said...

Having friends over for pool parties & VACATION!

SkyWriting said...

regis and kelly, every morning. and the today show throws a wedding. and jen's potato salad. and riding in boats at the lake. and knowing that if i wanted to watch baseball, i could, because it's on.

Anonymous said...

anonymous comments

ToyHelen said...

I am with you....FIREFALL!! Are we the only ones who love it?

Jen said...

Not having to go to bed early to get kids up for school the next morning! Especially when friends stay over late!

hillenblogshappywife said...

lightning bugs, reading in our hammock, and watching the kids play in the sprinkler. (nieces and nephews, not sky and barrett!)

cheryl said...

baseball games and watermellon